Uses of Prednisolone (Prelone)

Prednisolone is a synthetic oral medication that resembles cortisol in its action, with the only difference that cortisol occurs naturally in the body, and Prednisolone is a man-made substance. On the one hand, the medicine is meant to suppress the immune system and, on the other hand, is called to reduce inflammation linked to conditions such as Crohn’s disease, asthma, psoriasis, and even leukemia.


Mode of action – anti-inflammatory, analgetic, antipyretic. The mechanism of action connected with the blockade of cyclooxygenase, which leads to disruption of metabolism of arachidonic acid and reducing concentrations of GHGs. Suppresses exudative and proliferative processes in the inflammation, reduces the concentration of bradykinin and histamine, but also increases the threshold of sensitivity of pain receptors.


Trileptal is an antiepileptic drug. Trileptal and IHL blocks the voltage-dependent Na +-channels, which leads to the stabilization of overexcited neurons membranes, inhibition of serial discharges of neurons and reduction of synaptic impulses. Increased K + conductance and modulation of Ca2 +-channels activated by a high potential of the membrane, also involved in the antiepileptic influence of the medicine.

Asthma Medications and Devices: Classification of Asthma

National guidelines set goals to improve care of asthmatic patients. Simple, straightforward objectives are set forth, including the prevention of chronic symptoms, maintaining normal lung function and activity levels, preventing exacerbations, and lessening the need for emergency department visits and hospitalizations.

Bronchial Asthma, Book

Family physicians interested in asthma would find parts of this book valuable, but on the whole, it is not for family physicians. In the preface the editors declare that they hope the book will be useful to those who treat asthma, and for specialists it might well be. Although chapter authors include physicians from Australia, Japan, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, and Canada, most are from the United States.