Prescribed inside after meal at 0,025-0,05 g 2-4 times per day, intramuscularly, 2-3 ml of 2.5% solution by dissolving the required amount of propazine in 5 ml of 0,25-0,5% solution of novocaine or isotonic sodium chloride, intravenously in 1-2 ml 2.5% solution in 10 ml of 5% glucose solution or isotonic sodium chloride solution. The doses are gradually augmented up to 0,5-1 grams a day. The maximum daily dose inside – 2 g, intramuscularly – 1,2 g.


The medicine has a high affinity in vitro to D 2 and D 3 dopamine receptors, 5HT 1a and 5HT 2a serotonin receptors and moderate affinity for dopamine D 4, 5HT 2c, and 5HT 7 serotonin,? 1-adrenergic and H 1 histamine receptor. Abilify is characterized by moderate affinity for serotonin reuptake sites and the lack of affinity for muscarinic receptors. The medicine in experiments on animals showed antagonism against dopaminergic hyperactivity and dopaminergic agonism against gipoaktivnosti.