Betapace may cause an irregular heartbeat, that’s why patients who use Betapace should be observed by doctors in a hospital or similar setting in which heart and kidney function monitoring may be performed for at least 3 days after starting Betapace. The monitoring of your heart or kidney function may also be needed if your dose is changed. Don’t change the pill if the doctor prescribed Betapace without asking your medical assistant or pharmacist.


Altace is applied for treating patients with severe heart irregularities like heart failures, strokes and other fatal cardiac disorders as well as hypertension conditions. Altace can be used successfully in patients with diabetes for moderating the risk of kidney failure. Altace falls into the group of drugs that block angiotensin converting enzymes, ACE for short, used for regulating and treating severe cardiac conditions, prevent kidney disorders in patients with diabetes and adjust blood pressure in patients with hypertension conditions.