Atarax is used for sedative effect and fighting anxiety and angst in patients before and after the general anesthetization. The drug can be also applied in the cases of allergic reactions to certain allergens like poison ivy that include itching, rash, hives and other allergic dermatologic symptoms. You doctor or other health care specialist may prescribe you taking Atarax for other medical purposes.


Clarinex is an oral drug applies in cases of persistent allergy symptoms caused by undefined exciter. The drug can be taken by adults and children older than 6 months for treating permanent allergy hives and by adults and children over 2 years for fighting seasonal allergy symptoms. Clarinex is applied in cases of persistent seasonal or around-the-year allergy symptoms like nasal congestion or runny nose, oozing, itching, sore throat, dryness in mouth and other allergic conditions in both grown-ups and children older than 6 months.