Is asthma preventable?

In an individual who has been diagnosed with asthma, the focus of contemporary treatment emphasizes prevention of symptoms such as breathlessness, chest discomfort, cough, mucus production, and wheezing. Certain asthma medications, sometimes referred to as “controller medicine,” are designed and prescribed to maintain normal lung function, and to prevent an exacerbation of asthma — what used to be called an asthma “attack”. Identification of an individual’s asthma triggers and avoidance of exposure to the triggers are other ways to prevent an asthma exacerbation.

Chronic Fecal Impaction in Children

It is the purpose of this communication to present the symptoms and the findings associated with chronic fecal impaction in children, and to outline a method of treatment. This distressing condition is not rare, and it may easily go unrecognized. It causes disturbing psychologic problems for both the child and the parents — problems that can quickly abate when the cause is known and the treatment started.