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Magnesium Hydroxide

Last updated on November 21st, 2021

Drug Nomenclature

Synonyms: E528; Hydroxid hořečnatý; Magnézium-hidroxid; Magnesii Hydroxidum; Magnesio, hidróxido de; Magnesium Hydrate; Magnesiumhydroksidi; Magnesiumhydroxid; Magnio hidroksidas
Molecular formula: Mg(OH)2 =58.32
CAS: 1309-42-8
ATC code: A02AA04; G04BX01
Read code: y01SB [Laxative]; y03Lp

Note. Compounded preparations of magnesium hydroxide may be represented by the following names:

Co-magaldrox x/y (BAN) — where x and_y are the strengths in milligrams of magnesium hydroxide and aluminium hydroxide respectively.

Pharmacopoeias. In Europe, International, US.

European Pharmacopoeia, 6th ed. (Magnesium Hydroxide). A fine white or almost white amorphous powder. Practically insoluble in water dissolves in dilute acids. A solution in water is alkaline to phenol-phthalein.

The United States Pharmacopeia 31, 2008 (Magnesium Hydroxide). A bulky white powder. Practically insoluble in water, in alcohol, in chloroform, and in ether soluble in dilute acids. Store in airtight containers.

Adverse Effects, Treatment, and Precautions

As for magnesium salts in general. Magnesium hydroxide may cause diarrhoea, an effect that is dose-dependent. Hypermagnesaemia may occur, usually in patients with renal impairment.


There have been reports of hypermagnesaemia in infants given magnesium-containing antacids, and in an adult patient with normal renal function but bowel obstruction



As outlined on site, antacids, including magnesium salts, interact with many other drugs both by alterations in gastric pH and emptying, and by formation of complexes that are not absorbed. Interactions can be minimised by giving the antacid and any other medications 2 to 3 hours apart.


Magnesium hydroxide, given orally, reacts relatively rapidly with hydrochloric acid in the stomach to form magnesium chloride and water. About 30% of the magnesium ions are absorbed from the small intestine, as described for Magnesium Salts.

Uses and Administration

Magnesium hydroxide is an antacid that is given in oral doses of up to about 1 g. It is often given with aluminium-containing antacids such as aluminium hydroxide which counteract its laxative effect.

Magnesium hydroxide is also given as an osmotic laxative in oral doses of about 2 to 5 g.

Magnesium hydroxide has also been used as a food additive and as a magnesium supplement in deficiency states.


BP 2008: Co-magaldrox Oral Suspension; Co-magaldrox Tablets; Liquid Paraffin and Magnesium Hydroxide Oral Emulsion; Magnesium Hydroxide Mixture

The United States Pharmacopeia 31, 2008: Alumina and Magnesia Oral Suspension; Alumina and Magnesia Tablets; Alumina, Magnesia, and Calcium Carbonate Oral Suspension; Alumina, Magnesia, and Calcium Carbonate Tablets; Alumina, Magnesia, and Simethicone Oral Suspension; Alumina, Magnesia, and Simethicone Tablets; Alumina, Magnesia, Calcium Carbonate, and Simethicone Tablets; Aspirin, Alumina, and Magnesia Tablets; Calcium Carbonate and Magnesia Tablets; Calcium Carbonate, Magnesia, and Simethicone Tablets; Magnesia Tablets; Magnesium Hydroxide Paste; Milk of Magnesia


Single-ingredient Preparations

The symbol ¤ denotes a preparation which is discontinued or no longer actively marketed.

Argentina: Leche de Magnesia Phillips; Magnesia San Pellegrino;
Brazil: Leite de Magnesia de Phillips; Leite de Magnesia; Magnesia Fluida¤; Magnesiol; Mylanta Plus;
Canada: Phillips’ Magnesia Tablets¤; Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia;
Chile: Leche de Magnesia Phillips; Magnesia Pasteur; Tabletas Antiacidas;
Denmark: Magnesia; Finland: Emgesan; Magnesiamaito;
France: Carbonex; Magnesie S Pellegrino¤;
Greece: Milk of Magnesia;
Hungary: Antagel M;
India: Tricaine-MPS;
Ireland: Milk of Magnesia;
Israel: Magnesia S Pellegrino; Milk of Magnesia;
Italy: Citrato Espresso S. Pellegrino; Magnesia S Pellegrino; Magnesia Volta¤;
Mexico: Leche de Magnesia Normex;
Monaco: Chlorumagene;
Portugal: Leite de Magnesia;
South Africa: Babys own Tummy Tablets; Deopens¤;
Spain: Crema de Magnesia¤; Magnesia San Pellegrino; Magnesia;
Sweden: Emgesan;
Switzerland: Chlorumagene¤; Magnesia S Pellegrino; Milk of Magnesia¤; Rivomag¤;
Thailand: Margel; Milk of Magnesia;
United Kingdom: Milk of Magnesia;
United States: Dulcolax; Milk of Magnesia; Phillips’ Chewable; Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia;
Venezuela: Magnesia San Pellegrino;

Multi-ingredient Preparations

Argentina: Aludrox Forte; Aludrox II; Alumag; Antiacid; Bitecain AA; Calmose; Carti buron flex; Ditopax¤; Ditopax; Faboacid; Factor AG Antiacido; Falgos; Gastroge; Maalox¤; Mabis; Megalex Novo; Mil-Par; Mucaine; Mucalan; Mylanta II; Mylanta Max; Mylanta Plus; Mylanta Reflux; Mylanta Simple; Pepsamar Duo; Resaca; Simecon Antiacido; Suspension Antiacida con Simeticona; Suspension Antiacida;

Australia: Alucone¤; Aludrox¤; Digesteze¤; Gastrobrom¤; Gastrogel; Gastrogel; Gelusil; LoAsid¤; Mucaine 2 in 1¤; Mucaine; Mylanta Heartburn Relief; Mylanta Rolltabs¤; Mylanta; Sigma Liquid Antacid; Simeco¤; Sodexol¤; Austria: Alucol; Maalox; SAB¤; Tepilta; Trigastril; Belgium: Gelenta¤; Gelusil ML¤; Gelusil Simethicone; Gelusil¤; Maalox; Maglid; Mylanta¤; Nozid; Syngel;

Brazil: Acidex¤; Aclorisan; Alca-Luftal; Alcalone Plus; Alcamag¤; Algedrox; Alkagel; Alrac¤; Alu-Mag¤; Anacidron¤; Antiacil; Asilone; Aziac; Digastril; Digesnorma¤; Diteutrin¤; Droxaine; Espasmacid; Estomagel; Estomagel; Ferrofran¤; Gamalat¤; Gascol; Gastran; Gastrex; Gastri-Vyr; Gastricin¤; Gastrobion; Gastrogel¤; Gastrol TC; Gastrol; Gastroliv; Gastromag¤; Gastroplus; Gelmax; Gelusil M; Hidroxid¤; Hidroxogel; Kolampept; Kolantyl DMP; Kolantyl; Maalox Plus; Maalox TC¤; Magnesin; Milax; Milgex; Natusgel; Neutracido¤; Neutraforte¤; Neutran; Pepsaplus; Pepsogel; Siludrox; Simeco Plus; Stongel;

Canada: Almagel Plus; Almagel; Alumag; Amphojel 500¤; Amphojel Plus¤; Ancatropine Gel (Plain)¤; Ancatropine Gel¤; Antacid Liquid¤; Antacid Plus Antiflatulant; Antacid Suspension; Antacid Tablet; Antacid Tablet; Antacid; Antacide Suspension avec Antiflatulent; Antacide Suspension; Antiacide¤; Centra Acid Plus¤; Centra Acid¤; Dermagran Ointment¤; Di-Gel¤; Diovol Ex; Diovol Plus AF; Diovol Plus; Diovol Plus; Diovol; Diovol; Gas-Mag¤; Gasmol¤; Gastrinol¤; Gaviscon Acid¤; Gelusil; Maalox Plus; Maalox TC; Maalox; Magnolax; Mucaine; Mylanta Plain; Mylanta; Neutralca-S¤; Pepcid Complete; Rolaids; Stomaax Plus; Stomaax; Thunas Hyperacidity Tablets¤; Univol¤; Chile: Disfrutab; Ditopax; Ditopax; Gasopax; Lefkacid; Maalox Plus; Maalox; Mucaine; Mylanta; Nogastra; Nogastra; Peptinal Forte; Peptinal; Peptinal; Simeco Plus; Tabletas Phillips;

Czech Republic: Acidanon; Anacid; Gastal; Maalox; Muthesa Compositum;

Denmark: Balancid Novum; Novaluzid;

Finland: Balancid Novum; Miral; Novaluzid; Pepcid Duo; PH maxi¤;

France: Azym¤; Dextoma¤; Digestif Marga; Dimalan¤; Dologastrine¤; Dops; Gaopathyl¤; Gasterine¤; Gastrex¤; Gastropax; Gelox; Jecopeptol; Kaomuth sans Bismuth¤; Kaomuth; Lubentyl a la Magnesie; Maalox Ballonnements; Maalox; Moxydar; Mupax; Pastaba¤; Pepcidduo; Pepp¤; Supralox¤; Xolaam;

Germany: Almag; Andursil¤; Duoventrinetten N; durazidum; Gelofalk¤; Kompensan-S forte¤; Locid N¤; Maalox; Maaloxan; Palliacol N¤; Paractol; Pepciddual; Poikigastran N¤; Progastrit; Progastrit; Sodex N¤; Stomigen¤; Supralox¤; Tepilta; Trigastril; ulcominerase¤; Ulgastrin-Lac¤;

Greece: Aludrox; Maalox Plus; Maalox; Ponotex; Simeco;

Hong Kong: Actal Plus; Crema-U¤; Diovol Plus; Diovol Plus; Fedra-Gel-S; Gastrocaine; Gastrogel; Gastrogel; Gelusil Plus; Hydrosil; Lantacid; Lederscon¤; Maalox Plus; Maalox¤; Magsil¤; Milzine; Mucaine¤; Mylanta; Mylanta; Mytancid; Oxema Improved; Simeco¤; Triloxane; Vida Flatugel;

Hungary: Almagel A; Almagel; Anacid; Maalox;

India: Acidin; Alucinol; Aludrox MH; Calcinol; Cremaffin; Digene; Diovol Forte DGL; Diovol Forte; Diovol; Disogel; Easylax; Entasid; Entasid; Gelusil MPS¤; Logascid; Maylox; Mucaine; Paractol; Pepticaine; PFT; Polycrol; Sanzyme-DS; Siloxogene; Simeco; Solacid; Visco; Ireland: Andursil¤; Camalox¤; Dijex¤; Maalox Plus; Maalox; Milpar¤; Mucaine¤; Polycrol¤;

Israel: Alumag; Liquid Antacid Plus Simethicon¤; Liquid Antacid¤; Maalox Plus; Maalox; Magel¤;

Italy: Aldrox¤; Anacidol; Anti-Acido; Belsar¤; Camalox¤; Carbone Composto; Chimodil; Digestivo Dr. Ragionieri¤; Gastrausil Complex¤; Gastrostop¤; Maalox Plus; Maalox TC; Maalox; Magnesia Effervescente Sanitas¤; Magnesia Effervescente Sella; Malto Mannite Magnesiaca¤; Merankol Gel¤; Merankol Pastiglie; Mylanta¤; Pepciddual; Potassium MG;

Malaysia: Actal Plus; Alucid; Belcid; Gelusil Forte¤; Gelusil Plus; Maalox Plus; Macgel; Mylanta¤; Novaluzid; Simagel; Zellox-II;

Mexico: Alkagel Complex; Alkagel IS; Alphalox-D; Ditopax-F; Ditopax; Ditopax; Espaven Alcalino; Espraden; Farcolan; Gelan Plus; Gelar; Geldrox Plus; Geldrox; Gelpex; Gelpex; Melox Plus¤; Milpar¤; Mylanta Plus; Noax 3; Normex Plus; Plusgel; Pramigel; Sin-A Crud¤; Ufor; Wingel;

Netherlands: Antagel PCH; Maalox Plus; Maalox; Muthesa N; Muthesa N; Mylanta-II¤; Regla pH; Regla pH; Rigoletten;

Norway: Novaluzid; Pepcidduo;

New Zealand: Gastrogel¤; Mucaine¤; Mylanta Heartburn Relief; Mylanta Rolltabs¤; Mylanta;

Portugal: Betalgil¤; Di-Gel Forte¤; Di-Gel¤; Maalox Plus; Pepsamar Plus; Servetinal; Vingel;

Russia: Almagel (Алмагель); Almagel A (Алмагель А); Almagel Neo (Алмагель Нео); Cardiomagnyl (Кардиомагнил); Gastal (Гастал); Gestid (Гестид); Maalox (Маалокс);

South Africa: Acugel; Aludrox¤; Gastralka¤; Gelusil S; Kolantyl; Lo-Acid; Maalox Plus; Maalox; Merasyn; Millypar¤; Mucaine; Polycrol¤; Tacid-4¤; Viscalox¤;

Singapore: Actal Plus; Almac¤; Gelusil Plus; Gestid¤; Hydrosil¤; Macgel¤; Mucaine; Mylanta¤; Simeco¤; Zellox-II;

Spain: Acidac¤; Acidion¤; Acidrina¤; Acilene¤; Acylene¤; Aero Red Antiacido; Alcalinos Gelos; Alcalinos Vita¤; Aligest Plus¤; Aligest¤; Alucol Silicona; Alucol¤; Alugel Magnesiado; Antiacido Salud¤; Compagel¤; Flavigel¤; Gastroalgine; Gastropeache Susp; Gastrosan¤; Geloalumin; Gelodual; Maalox; Parkelanta¤; Pepdual; Servetinal¤; Supraalox; Tepilta¤; Ulpir Gastro¤; Unimaalox¤; Winton;

Sweden: Camalox¤; Novalucol¤; Novalucol; Novaluzid; Pepcid Duo;

Switzerland: Alucol-S¤; Alucol; Alumagall; Andursil¤; Bigasan¤; Combacid N; Lubentyl a la Magnesie¤; Maaloxan Ca¤; Maaloxan¤; Macosil¤; Magenal¤; Rivogel + Dimethicone¤; Rivogel¤; Syntrogel-4¤; Thailand: Admag¤; Almag; Almaxane¤; Alum Milk; Alutop; Alutop; Amacone; Amco; Amico-L; Antacia; Antacil; Asialum; Belacid; Belcid; Bowa; Defomil; Delta Charcoal; Diovol; Diovol; Droxyl¤; Gelusil MPS; Maccrol; Machto; Machto; Mag 77; Magcol; Magto; Mano; Mar¤; Mucaine¤; Simagel¤; Simeco¤; Simeco; Stomac; Ulcegel; Unichew¤; V Day Milk¤; Ziga-Gel; United Arab Emirates: Moxal II; Moxal Plus; Moxal;

United Kingdom: Actonorm; Aludrox¤; Andursil¤; Boots Wind Relief; Carbellon; Dijex¤; Diovol¤; Indigestion Relief Liquid¤; Indigestion Relief Tablets¤; LoAsid¤; Maalox Plus; Maalox TC¤; Maalox; Mil-Par; Mucaine¤; Mucogel; Novasil Plus¤; Osteocare; Pepcidtwo; Polycrol¤; Setlers Extra Strength¤; Simeco¤; Simeco; Sovol¤;

United States: Advanced Formula Di-Gel; Alamag Plus; Alamag; Almacone; Aludrox; Antacid; Anti-Gas Antacid¤; Calcium Rich Rolaids; Concentrated Milk of Magnesia-Cascara; Di-Gel; Extra Strength Maalox Antacid/Anti-Gas¤; Fast-Acting Mylanta¤; Gas Ban DS; Gelusil; Haley’s M-O; Kudrox Double Strength¤; Maalox Anti-Gas Extra Strength¤; Maalox Plus¤; Maalox Regular Strength; Maalox¤; Magalan¤; Magalox Plus¤; Magnalox¤; Magnox; Mi-Acid; Mintox Plus; Mintox; Mygel; Mylagen; Mylanta Gelcaps; Mylanta Ultra; Mylanta; Pepcid Complete; Res-Q¤; Rolaids Multi-Symptom; Rolaids; RuLox Plus; RuLox; Simaal Gel 2; Tempo; Trial AG;

Venezuela: Aldrox; Almag; Aluman; Ditosil Plus; Ditosil; Ditosil; Maalox Plus; Maalox; Mil-Par; Milcor; Mylanta Plus; Mylanta; Mylantados; Mylantamil; Targel; Tricigel; Valmecon

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