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Last updated on November 22nd, 2021

Drug Name

Trade Mark Name: Altace
Generic Name: Ramipril

Drug Uses

Altace is applied for treating patients with severe heart irregularities like heart failures, strokes and other fatal cardiac disorders as well as hypertension conditions. Altace can be used successfully in patients with diabetes for moderating the risk of kidney failure.

How Taken

As a rule, Altace is prescribed to be taken once or twice a day with the maximum dosage of 20 mg (min. of 2.5)

Drug Class and Mechanism

Altace falls into the group of drugs that block angiotensin converting enzymes, ACE for short, used for regulating and treating severe cardiac conditions, prevent kidney disorders in patients with diabetes and adjust blood pressure in patients with hypertension conditions. Altace works by dilating blood vessels while inhibiting angiotensin produced by the organism.


Missed Dose

When missing a dose of Altace take one as soon as you remember to. However, do not take a double dose if it is almost time for you to take another dose according to the schedule.


Altace capsules should be stored at indoor temperature (59-86 degrees F, or 15-30 degrees C) with brief minor excurisions permitted.


Altace is prohibited for the use of patients who have ever been allergic to any of ACE blocking medications or their ingredients. It may require a fortnight or more for Altace to produce effect, therefore do not increase prescribed doses without consulting your doctor. It is advisable that your doctor monitors your progress through laboratory tests of bloodelectrolytes and counts, functions of kidneys and liver. Also consult your doctor in case you have any bothersome side effects.

In case if any medical interference is required for a patient undergoing Altace therapy should inform the dentist, surgeon, etc. about taking Altace.

Altace may cause dizziness and sleepiness in some patients, therefore avoid fulfilling potentially dangerous tasks before you have an idea what your organism’s rection to the medication may be. The effect of sleepiness is enhanced through taking alcohol or some other medications. To lessen this effect please do not stand or sit up abruptly.

Altace may make you more sensitive towards ultraviolet rays, therefore avoid sun lamps, tanning booths or sunny open places until you know what your reactions are. Be particularly cautious while staying in the sun for long.

While engaged into activities inlolving excessive sweating be sure to drink suffitient quantaty of liquids. Consult your doctor immediately if you feel tightness in the chest, impaired breathing, swelling of the face or some parts of it, severe dermatologic reactions like hives or rashes.

Altace decreases the orgamism infections resistance abilities, therefore be cautious about not catching an infection. Do not use potassium substitutes while undergoing Altace therapy. Check with your doctor the combinability of Altace with other drugs.

Attention! The use of Altace in pregnant women is particularly dangerous as it can lead to the death of foetus or a newborn baby. See your doctor right away if you think you may be pregnant. Do not take Altace while on lactation period.

Patiens with diabetes should be particularly careful with monitoring their blood glucose while taking Altace as the drug may increase the level of sugar in the blood. Consult your doctor as for the dosage of your anti-diabetes medications.


Possible Side Effects

The known side effects of Altace are scarce and moderate. Persistent dry cough is one of them, but the symptom goes away after patients cease to take Altace on regular basis. However, report to your doctor at once if you have experienced such major side effects as nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, hives or rashes, tiredness, ache in abdominals, loss of appetite, numb taste buds, itchy sensation in limbs. The most serious side effect that may be caused by Altace is swelling of mouth mucous tissues that obstruct breathing (angioedema) and kidney failure due to excessive potassium. Fortunately, there have been very few cases of such adverse side effects.

More Information

Altace is not intended for the use of patients to whom it has not been prescribed. When undergoing Altace therapy do not forget to renew your suppl yof the drug before you run out of it.

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