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Last updated on November 18th, 2021

Generic name: Lansoprazole

Brand names: Prevacid, Lanzol, Agopton, Lpz, Amarin, Bamalite, Aprazol, Blason, Biuret, Dakar, Compraz, Ketian, Ilsatec, Lanproton, Lancid, Lanston, Lansopep, Lanzopral, Lanz, Limpidex, Lanzor, Monolitum, Mesactol, Opiren, Ogast, Prezal, Prevpac, Prosogan, Promp, Takepron, Suprecid, Zoprol, Ulpax, Zoton

Pharmacological action:

Antiulcer agent. A specific inhibitor of H + – K + – ATPase (represses the activity of the enzyme, that accelerates the exchange of hydrogen ions). Acting in the final phase of secretion (separation) of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, the drug reduces the acid production, regardless of the nature of the stimulating factor.


When do I need to use the drug?

Duodenal ulcer exacerbation, reflyuksezofagit (inflammation of the esophagus caused by throwing gastric contents into the esophagus). Your doctor may prescribe this remedy for other purposes. Contact your physician if you need to learn more information about this drug.

Don’t stop treatment with Prevacid earlier than it was prescribed by your doctor even if you notice improvements of your condition. Stopping the medication too early may worsen your condition. Be careful about doing dangerous tasks, driving, operating machinery or climbing until you are aware how this drug affects you. Don’t drink alcohol. Always contact a medic before giving Prevacid to a child.


Note: This remedy was prescribed to you only. Don’t share this medicament with others. Follow strictly your doctor’s recommendations. Don’t take more or longer than your doctor recommended.

Daily dose – 30 mg in one step. If needed, the course can be continued for a further 2-4 weeks.



Antacids (preparations that decrease stomach acidity), containing aluminum hydroxide and magnesium need to be taken 2 hours after taking Prevacid. For people who use theophylline, Prevacid is given with caution and under strict medical control.

This list of interactions may be not complete. Provide your medical practitioners entire list of medicines, herbs, dietary supplements or non-prescription drugs you take. Moreover tell them whether you drink alcohol, use illegal drugs or smoke. Particular items may interact with your drug.

Side effects:


– diarrhea, constipation, in rare cases – a skin rash. The medicine may cause the induction (activation) of various enzyme systems of cytochrome P-450.

This list of side effects may be not complete, others may occur. Inform your medical practitioners about all side effects you experience.


Hypersensitivity to the drug. Pregnancy (I trimester), lactation period.


Prevacid should be stored at room temperature, in a tightly closed container. Protect from moisture, direct heat, and light. Do not store in the bathroom or near a sink. Keep Prevacid out of the reach of children and away from animals.

Warning: Before taking the drug you need to consult your doctor. The information contained in this article is not intended to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, adverse effects, directions, uses, allergic reactions or warnings. 

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