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Avoiding Constipation

Last updated on October 29th, 2020

How to prevent constipation and maintain a regular bowel movement

In the case of constipation due to functional disturbances one can start by trying to control the problem with general measures.

First, the nature of the constipation involved should be clarified and any erroneous ideas about stool frequency and volume corrected.

A change in lifestyle may have a positive impact. Here, patients should start by trying to reduce daily stress. Regular physical exercise can help stimulate the urge to defecate. Patients should not hurry visits to the toilet. They should avoid both suppressing bowel movements and straining severely at defecation.

In some cases a change in eating habits can also help resolve constipation. Food rich in fibre and vegetables rich in roughage (fruit, prunes, and figs) can sometimes be helpful. Drinks containing carbon dioxide in the evening and cold drinks first thing in the morning stimulate the gastrointestinal reflex.

Gymnastics, e.g. training abdominal muscular pressure, or breathing exercises, can prove useful. Ganglia in the intestine can be stimulated by means of threshold current therapy.


However, some people fail to show the desired response or indeed any improvement in their constipation with the above methods. In these cases usually there is little harm in taking a laxative such as Cholac, Constilac, Constulose, Dulcolax, Enulose, Generlac, Lactulose to cure the constipation.

Everybody wants to stay healthy, fit and active. With the help of the following tips you can support these goals and improve your physical wellness and vitality of your intestine.

One crucial element of a healthy lifestyle is regular exercise, as physical activity is good for both your body and your mind. Another very important factor for your well being is choosing the right food. A well-balanced diet should contain the right amount of certain nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins etc.

Constipation can affect everybody. In most circumstances, a little exercise and a balanced diet are all you need to stay regular. But no matter how healthy your lifestyle, at times you may still find your digestion disrupted.

Combining regular exercise with a healthy diet is a most effective way to remain sound in body and mind and to avoid constipation.

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