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Last updated on November 22nd, 2021

Anacal. Rectal Ointment

What is Anacal Rectal Ointment?

Anacal Rectal Ointment contain 0.2% w/w of the anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug mucopolysaccharide polysulphuric acid ester (heparinoid) together with 5.0% w/w of the anti-pruritic drug oxypolyethoxydodecane in a white base.

Anacal Rectal Ointment also contains the following inactive ingredients:

E218, liquid paraffin, polyethylene highpolymer 1500, sorbitan stearate.

Anacal Rectal Ointment is available in packs of 30 grams.

What is Anacal Rectal Ointment used for?

Anacal Rectal Ointment is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-pruritic (anti-itching) preparation which provides relief of symptoms associated with internal and external haemorrhoids (piles), inflammation and irritation of the anus and other related ano-rectal conditions.

Using Anacal Rectal Ointment safely

Do not use Anacal Rectal Ointment if you have had an allergic reaction

(for example a rash) to mucopolysaccharide polysulphuric acid ester (heparinoid), oxypolyethoxydodecane or any of the inactive ingredients listed above.

This ointment must not be used on children under 12.

Anacal Rectal Ointment must not be swallowed.

Anacal Rectal Ointment contain 0.2%

Using Anacal Rectal Ointment

Follow the advice of your Doctor or Pharmacist when using Anacal Rectal Ointment.

This ointment has been prescribed or recommended for you. Do not give Anacal Rectal Ointment to anyone else as it may harm them even if their symptoms are the same as yours.

If your Doctor has prescribed this ointment for you, the Pharmacist will have printed your Doctor’s instructions on to a label on the tube or carton. Read the label carefully to remind yourself of how your Doctor wants you to use Anacal Rectal Ointment.

Before use, pierce the tube seal with the spiked top of the cap.

If possible, empty your bowels before using Anacal Rectal Ointment.

Always wash the anal area thoroughly and then dry carefully with a soft towel before using the ointment.

Unless otherwise directed, apply the ointment gently to the affected area up to four times daily, as required (e.g. at night, in the morning or after emptying the bowels).

You may find it easier to stand with one leg raised (e.g. resting on the side of the bath) during application (as shown).

If internal application is required, screw the nozzle firmly onto the tube, and spread a little ointment onto the nozzle to ease insertion. Insert the nozzle gently into the anus (back passage), squeeze the tube gently and slowly withdraw the nozzle at the same time (as shown).

Always wash the nozzle and your hands after each application.

Although if you accidentally swallow some ointment it is unlikely to be serious, you should contact a Doctor or hospital casualty department.

After using Anacal Rectal Ointment

Haemorrhoids and other ano-rectal conditions may sometimes be of a serious nature. In cases of rectal bleeding, or if the condition persists or worsens, consult your Doctor.

Anacal Rectal Ointment does not usually cause unwanted effects. If you notice any unwanted effects, STOP using the ointment and tell your Pharmacist or Doctor.

Chronic constipation or poor dietary habits may worsen haemorrhoids. It is important to maintain good hygiene in the ano-rectal area whilst using the ointment.

Storing Anacal Rectal Ointment

Like all medicines Anacal Rectal Ointment should be kept well below 25°C, out of the reach and sight of children.

Do not use Anacal Rectal Ointment after the expiry date indicated.

Return any unused ointment to your Pharmacist for safe disposal.

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